Sunday: Noon to 4PM
Weekdays: 4pm to 5.30pm

Not Available on Saturday | Closed on Mondays
You must be seated before the listed end time
  • 20 Piece Grilled Garlic Shrimp $14.95

    Two 10 piece skewered shrimp grilled over charcoal, smothered in our own homemade garlic butter.

  • Monterey Chicken $14.95

    A tender grilled chicken breast with melted monterey jack cheese, mushrooms, and bacon bits.

  • Lake Perch $16.95

    Tender, flaky fillets breaded with seasoned bread crumbs and pan fried

  • 6 oz. Filet Medallions $16.95

    Tender filet seasoned and grilled on a skewer

  • Shish Kabob $16.95

    Made with filet mignon, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, seasoned with Italian herbs

  • 8 oz. Prime $19.95

    A perfectly aged cut of prime rib, slow roasted for 14 hours, it will melt in your mouth!

  • 10 Piece Grillled Garlic Shrimp $4.25 (Add to any Early Bird)